We create

With the mission to bring forward differentiated concepts and strategies that unfolds the full potential of the project. We like to be the problem solvers and advisors if you have a need for a different kind of solution.

We improve

With well crafted, resilient projects bespoke to your needs. 

With the acknowledgement that architecture is an accumulation of knowledge, improving the situation


– with the future in mind.

We shape

With the belief that architecture is an act of being relational – seeing architecture as sets of connections, responses, and performances. We believe that this open and adaptable approach brings out customized, informed, and encouraging designs.

We are always searching for new projects, partners, and collaborators. Do you have a potential project collaboration? Don’t be a stranger! We love to hear about your ambitions.

+ 47 900 11 019 


We do it – for the love of it!

Grahl-Madsen & Sponberg Architecture

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