“Architecture is all about attitude, how you engage with the given situation. You look, you see – then offer your scope.”



Drøbak, Norway

On a plot in an area consisting of single-family houses and small apartment buildings, our client wanted to demolish an existing small house to give way for a new apartment building. The property is situated in the hillsides of “Drøbak” with a panoramic vista overlooking the “Oslofjord”.


Adaptive reuse 

City of Bergen, Norway

The project consists of three built together houses dating to the last part of the 1800´s and has on numerous occasions been altered and modified interior as well as exterior. The client wanted to refurbish the buildings to its former glory, and at the same time upgrading its to today’s technical standards. While as well reprograming it with a restaurant, offices, and a loft apartments.

Every project has its different stories, how it was made, the everyday use, the problems that were solved… will it get built?

Villa TH

Detached family house

Hop, Bergen, Norway

Based on a neighbour agreement the height of the build could not reach higher than the surrounding hedges, to preserve sun conditions for the surrounding properties. Luckily the hedges where higher than perceived on site, and at the same time the site was flat by Norwegian west coast standards, only sloping one meter from side to side. 

J. Bruns gt

Infill condominiums

City of Bergen, Norway

Situated in a “preserved cultural environment” in the inner-city core of Bergen, between two existing historic apartments buildings, the project in “Johannes Brunsgate” is a complicated project that springs out from negotiations between the demand for heritage preservation and contemporary expression

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